Tuesday, December 21, 2010

someone who loves me

" Someone who loves you, actually always make you angry, but he never knows what stupid thing he did was good for you.
Someone who loves you, seldom praise you, but in his heart, you're the best ..
Someone who loves you, would scold or complain, if you do not reply to his text, because he cares ..
Someone who loves you, only drop his tears in front of you, When you try to remove the tears from his eyes, you have touched his heart, where his heart was beating, throbbing, and vibrate only for you .....
Someone who loves you, will remember what you say, even unintentional, and he will always use those words on the right time "

Someone who loves me,
I love you with all my heart

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hallo guys,
fiuh . .
I have to do my exam now .
today is my 1st day for examination at my school
just wish me luck

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well, btw,
this is my outfit yesterday when I met my best friend at "Ria Djenaka" at Bandung street, Malang .
I'm little bit different from the past
I was using bright color !
well, I know this is pastel color but this is brightest one for me :D