Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SHINee World Day Malang

SBSquad performed tat SHINee World Day Malang!!!! 
And it was fun!

 photo 01_zps746d191c.jpg 
signature wall of SHINee World Day Malang, Shawols (SHINee fans) Malang signed theirs here

  photo 02_zps0e097c73.jpg 

The outfit that I wore last day

  photo 03_zps53736cc4.jpg 

I did use make up lately kkkk~

  photo 04_zps31541b6c.jpg  photo 05_zpsa5e8f9a2.jpg 
  photo 06_zps51d94d33.jpg 

My favorite clue shoes with leopard detail on it, it's comfortable to wear and it's platform

  photo 07_zps1d052ae3.jpg 

The event was at SMAN 9 Malang

  photo 08_zps2d45135e.jpg 

Here~~ The SBSquad SHINNing-B *Drum rolls*
They played game with the Shawols there.

  photo 09_zps6a4b9dae.jpg 

The game was about teaching them SHINee dance,
Dream Girl~~

  photo 10_zpsd7412daf.jpg 

Key of SHINing-B is teaching another Key(?) LOL

  photo 11_zpsf2221aa2.jpg 

Teaching Teaching~

  photo 12_zpsbb74a957.jpg 

Why so serious pose!

  photo 13_zpsff47615f.jpg 

minuse Taemin of SHINing-B
  photo 15_zps04ab5099.jpg 

Hello Jonghyun of SHINing-B
He's my classmate, dancemate, townmate, playmate, my mate -,-

  photo 16_zpsbb73b788.jpg 
  photo 17_zps225f93e3.jpg 

We're cute bastie, aren't we?
My mate OTL

  photo 18_zps509e3204.jpg 
  photo 19_zps0cf1a1d3.jpg 

SHINing-B with some shawols!

  photo 20_zps479620d1.jpg 

 board event of SHINee World Day Malang

  photo 21_zpsceb43457.jpg 

SHINing-B minus Onew 

  photo 22_zps7e3afada.jpg 

From left to right
Onyu as Taemin, Woopil as Jonghyun, Rere as Key, Amik as Minho and Jojo as Onew

  photo 25_zps4b794f12.jpg 
Hello, Key :D 

 photo 23_zps35e58da3.jpg
  photo 26_zpsf44fab2d.jpg 

With Poppy unni

  photo 27_zpsa96ec464.jpg 

The food after shinee world day malang and performance of  sbsquad shinning-b 
mie galau with cheese topping
you should try it when you visit my country and my city especially
It's extremely spicy 

  photo 29_zps2dfa1c5b.jpg

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love you and I don't mind

 photo tumblr_mbmw6wK1Gn1qltw99o1_500_zps9ad83d5a.jpg
 photo quote-i-don-t-know-why-i-love-you-like-i-do-i-don-t-know-why-but-i-do-roy-turk-274242_zps7471d86e.jpg
I don't know what kind of good love is
I don't know how to be a good person
I'm confused to do it since long time ago
All I know is staying and learning wait

When human in love, they can be childish and selfish person sometime, no! a lot times
In love, make you do all the things with your heart
sometimes, you forget to bring your brain with it.
You let your mood, your feelings, your act being controlled by it
horrible isn't it?
love makes your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you up.
But I don't mind
But you don't mind.


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Morefin and shopping time

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend, nandini nirmala (the one who took selca a few days ago)
 here the clothes that I wore 

Photograph by Chory Trisa Yuanilasari
 photo DSCN5857_zps73419d75.jpg 
I wore my beloved adorable Projects Shoes again >.< 

  photo DSCN5855_zps5f9c0f01.jpg 

  photo DSCN5856_zps6d554161.jpg 

Favorite drink of the week MOGU-MOGU  photo DSCN5817_zps301d9f8a.jpg 
cute !! >.<
  photo DSCN5819_zpsb19650ef.jpg 

 2 days ago was photoshoot day for morefin (my class name) here the behind the scenes 
 photo DSCN5850_zps36614c81.jpg 

  photo DSCN5824_zpsb98ae816.jpg 

  photo DSCN5826_zps72f422df.jpg 

  photo DSCN5820_zps9a3488d7.jpg 

  photo DSCN5840_zpsc9faf5c5.jpg 

  photo DSCN5849_zpsea1a1941.jpg 

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The Happy and holiday time with my beloved SBSquad members~~~~~~ YEY!
It was really fun!
 Even we had to burn in sunlight that day
We went to Jatim Park 1 at Batu, East Java 

It will be the longest post I've ever posted

From left to right
Mr. R, Me, woopil (just call him that way), poppy, Revita, Onyu, Tiffany, Dini, Nadin, Om (Behind Nadin), Jojo, Pang, Retchan and two people who sitting are uli and Ella.
And the one who took photo of us named Firda, unni Firda

 photo 01_zpsc7c1c8bc.jpg

This game called galaxy if I'm not wrong errmmm~~~~~

  Right to left : Unni Firda and Uli

  photo 02_zps383100fb.jpg
 Onyu with her pink hair, what were you doing, unni-ah?

  photo 03_zps254f4fbd.jpg
Duo cuties are here ;--; Unni Ella and Unni Nadin were just cute~~~

  photo 04_zps9bdaddc1.jpg
Unni Retchan and Unni Tiffany~~

  photo 05_zpsd70f9d0a.jpg
2nd ride, Unni Onyu sat with me, and Unni Nadin with Unni Poppy

  photo 06_zps1b0bdd04.jpg

  photo 07_zps9866f44e.jpg

Right to left : Om, Unni Ella, Unni Tiffany, Unni Firda, Uli and Revita~

  photo 08_zps03a43d4e.jpg

Mr. R was taking picture of us~~ 

  photo 09_zpsaf14e22e.jpg

The most epic expression here
Pang and Woopil -___-

  photo 10_zps48b6a6bb.jpg

This called 360
Because  we rotated 360 degrees with this! 
I don't want to try this game again, ever!

  photo 11_zps55ce60ba.jpg

  photo 12_zps3f89e722.jpg

This one was called Tornado
Extreme game again -__-
And I didn't play hahaha

  photo 13_zps4ae7dc50.jpg

Unni Nadin and I

  photo 14_zpsc207429f.jpg

The game was about to start~ *drums rolls*

  photo 15_zps608e4b70.jpg


  photo 16_zps8b6493bd.jpg

It could kill you slowly
 photo 17_zps7f77ed00.jpg 

 photo 18_zps4893212f.jpg 

From left to right : Mr. R, Unni Onyu, Dinni, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Jojo Oppa, Om, Poppy Unni, Tiffany Unni and Ulli

 photo 19_zps4793ea3f.jpg 

I forget this game name.

  photo 20_zps20edd9a5.jpg

  photo 21_zpse824ba90.jpg

  photo 22_zps85165764.jpg

Should I describe this one? .///.

 photo 23_zps45036d0e.jpg 

Dinni and Om

  photo 24_zpse80cb555.jpg

Me~~ and Om -__-

  photo 25_zpsdc200c40.jpg

  photo 26_zps032c9ba7.jpg

  photo 27_zps3985b17c.jpg

  photo 28_zps0c7bfc1d.jpg

  photo 29_zpse52aa8dd.jpg

  photo 30_zpsde7d7041.jpg

  photo 31_zps5d529501.jpg 

We had a wonderful time ever.
I can't wait for the next MT ;----; 
I'll post next part later

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