Wednesday, October 21, 2009


ok...I start this day with beutifull smile in the morning. And I got 74 in biology test! ! ! ! What is that?! I've tried really hard before I did this. And I just get this??? I'm tired...I'm tired to be a student. I'm tired to get perfect score. I'm tired with my fucking school, my fucking homework and everythings around me! ARRGGGHH! (scream of loud)

My friends who cheat my work get 90 and I get 74?!! Is that fair???? No! I don't think so!! Ohhhkeeeeyyyy.....maybe this live is just all about lucky?? Yeah...! I doubt it. But sometimes I believe it. Somethimes I don't believe it. I can't understand it.

Wish me luck on saturday later...bacause, I have biology "tryout" (again!). I want get perfect score! I can do it! YEAH, I CAN DO IT! ! ! ! !!

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