Friday, December 25, 2009

My heart's beating again. and I'm alive! !

the way you look at me,
the way you speak to me,
I love you and the way you treat me,
I'm falling in love with you again,
How about you?
Do you love me, now?
I'm insane!
I can't stop this heart.
I can't stop my heartbeats
Your changes, poison me
You used to be a good kid, not anymore
But, if you an apple, you'll be delicious.
I'm alive you make me alive
When I looked your eyes, it hipnotized me.
I don't know what have I to do.
I hate this feeling but I don't want to lost you, I love when you arround me but I feel guilty
I can't stop thinking about you
You're good kid as usual, fun as usual, good loking as usual
What can I do to stop this feeling?
I love you and the way you treat me

Je t'adore! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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