Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Falling in Love

Oh guys . .
I'm so in love with this guy . .
He's so. . . .wonderful and beautiful . .
And I love him so much! !

Minho Oppa, Saranghe ! ! 


Him : Do you love Minho?
Me : Are you kidding me?? Why'd you ask that thing. Of course I love him. I'm extremely love him you know.
Him : Why'd you love him?
Me : And why'd you ask that?
Him : . . .
Me : OK, I love him because he's fashionable, beautiful, I mean yeah handsome. And he's wonderful and I don't know anymore. I was falling in love with fist sight.
Him : First sight?
Me : When I was watching SHINee's Ring Ding Dong MV.
Him : Oh. (seeing Minho's picture in my mobile phone)
Me : (smiling)
Him : Does he has something in his eyes?
Me : Aha! You got it! He has charisma, doesn't him?
Him : Yeah, I see. I'd hope I have that eyes too.
Me : Why?
Him : . . .

And we both lough together.

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