Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My promise

I've never been serious about love since that time. It's because when we love someone, we must be prepared to feel the pain and heartbreak. and I'm not ready for it. so, I'd prefer to not love someone too deep.

I've never given my hopes on something too much. and will not do this. because I already feel how my hopes were destroyed. and I don't want feel this again.

I will try to accomplish something without having to complicate myself. Why? Because I've seen many people who really try to achieve something but failed only because of something stupid. and what they get? disappointment. and severity, who I see is my friends.

I'm going to live this life properly. I will learn from people around me. take the positive side and discard the negative side. since the first time in my life, I'll try to remember the memories with my friends during high school. I'll try to remember my past now. with my junior high school.

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