Friday, June 15, 2012

Love you little by little

"Human are full of hypocrisy, they are always trying to get you down and trampling you. They have fun with others are crying. They lie, saying that they like you and then forget. They say that they love you and then leave. They lie, saying that they won't forget you in fact they won't remember anything. I see many couples broke up then they feel sad because of it. They cry for it. But, a month later one of them found someone else then leave the other one behind. I know, people change and heart move on, people come and go. So, we have to get used to it. 
Everyone can get bored. Well, that was someone said to me. And I believe it. 
That's all right. I'm okay. I'm a lot tougher than they think. 
I'm a human, I'll cry if someone I love leaving me behind and alone. But, I believe, I'll smile again and alive. I will be happy again later when I found someone else.
You can think I am silly and flirt, but I think that's the way love goes in your life."

Bilqis Anggun

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