Friday, September 21, 2012

A Winter

 If there's a summer, there must be a winter too.
If there's a pancake, there must be a sweet ice cream too.
Most of people love summer.
They can walk to the beach, traveling, hang out with friends, holiday and anything.
Put the glasses and sunbathing.
 Yup, you can't do all that staffs in winter.

He looks like he ignores everyone and the world,
He doesn't talk much, he's a quite person.
His friend told me that he's a bit afraid to talk to him.
But you never know, what is the truth about him.
He said once to me that he isn't good to talk to new people.
He said that he doesn't know what to do and what to talk about with stranger that he just knew.

The winter also has the warm moment that never be forgotten.
Like gather with your family in front of the fireplace and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

He gave his sister a volley ball and shoes, when I asked him "Why did you give your sister such kind of things?" he answered "Because, I love volley ball." You may think that he is a bit selfish but I think something better than selfish.
He loves volley ball, I know he does like it so much. He gave his sister something that he loves the most. He tries to share it with her. Trying to share something that you like the most to someone who you love is sweet. Ice cream is cold and delicious and it tastes sweet. He's an ice cream.

Winter, Ices. They are very connected.
In the winter day, you can see your reflection in the ices.

We often fight about stupid little things. I was worried when he didn't answer my text and I yelled to him. this is all beyond my control. I also do not know why I was angry with him and worried about it. I just let everything free. Then he just answered it , calmly "I just finished my test, and you are the first person that I talk with." I was dumb founded and thought that I'm not a nice person to face a relationship like this. The flashback came and I think all my mistake all of once at that moment. I realized , I was wrong about something.About something that has passed that I shouldn't bring it back.
He ever asked me "Do you even trust me?" I never answer that till now. But the words that he said to me makes me think about something in the past again. Something that I shouldn't bring them back. I ask myself that time "Do I ever trust someone?" My problem with someone in the past was about trust. I choosed to believe someone who I just knew than someone who I love. It brings me to a small doomsday. Until when I can't believe in someone? Until when I should stand by myself and trust no one? I want to be trusted too. I wanted people trust me and never questioned me about something especially love things. I need someone who believe in me more than myself.
For the first time, for the very very first time, I allowed myself to believe in him. Even he never said it again, even I'm confused with everything he does all this time. I believe in him. 
He's like a mirror that show every shadows of mine.


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