Sunday, December 16, 2012

Unreveal Latters

It was hard, wasn’t it? Dating a guy like me
Because I didn’t do anything good for you

I never felt that way...
I don’t have the confidence to hold onto you anymore
But why are you holding my hand even tighter?

I just follow what my heart wants to

A bad guy who never knew your heart
that’s me
A good-for-nothing guy
who never said he loved you – that’s me
You didn't need to...You don't need to
Before I change my mind, before I hold onto you,
Please go on your way without looking back
I don't know....

A guy like me, a guy like me
Don’t even think about dating a guy like me again
I will never find a guy like you.... don't worry.
 A guy like me, a guy like me – no
A guy like me, a guy like me
A guy who doesn’t deserve to love you
A guy like me
I don't know...

Until when are you gonna be like this?
I don't know...
When I tell you to go, please go
I will...
Before I get any angrier, stop crying
I will
Why are you acting like a little child?
I just follow what's my heart says

I don’t like you, I don’t need you
I hate you, I regret it now
Please tell me, tell me those things
I wish, I could...
Trample on me and leave me
As if you want me to see
I wish re...
You just need to go without saying anything
I wish...I could
It’s easy to forget someone like me
I really wish...
I’m selfish and I didn’t know how you felt at all
You're not....
So forget me and turn away and go on your way
How can I speak badly about you? How can I blame you?
How can I forget you?
How? Really, how can I?
Same questions with mine, the question that never answered.

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