Friday, January 11, 2013

A Dark Chocolate

More than a year
It was about a year  ago he walked out of my life. More than a year of utter heartbreak. More than a year of being bitter. More than a year with endless nights of tears. More than a year of loneliness. More than a year of emptiness. More than a year without him.
I thought I could move onto better things once he left. I thought this was an opportunity to try new things but I couldn’t. I built a wall. I let no one in. I refused to let anyone take his place. In the back of my head, I thought maybe, just maybe I could just see him one more time. There was a tugging in my heart that told me to not let go and I didn’t.
It’s been more than a year and now he stands before me again. I knew that there was a reason for my closed walls. My refusal to move on to someone else. My inability to form new emotional attachments.

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