Sunday, February 10, 2013

Black Flowered Blazer

 photo DSCN5108_zps15747470.jpg
Last night was like the last saturday night that I have because I will have last semester test next week.
Hwaitaeng for me! kkk~~

I have really busy schedules. I will have final exam this year.
Maybe the girls or the students who have the same situation like me will confused to choose their major in the university. I'd rather choose something that I love the most than anyone's opinion. But, sometimes, people really worry about how will we earn the money after we graduate from the university. I do worry~
If someone asks  me what I love the most, I will probably answer that I love fashion. I love my clothes, my shoes, my begs and my blog. My dreams is becoming a cool mom who wear cool dresses and carry hermes bags. Nah, first step for reaching my dream is passing this final test well then enter the university with a major that I want.
I love language and politic, that's why I choose French Literature Department of Gajah Mada University or  International Relationship Department  of Airlangga University.
I think that I should choose Fashion major for my collage after I finish my first major in university.  

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  1. I adore this floral blazer!

    : signe (your newest follower)

  2. thank you^^ and I've checked on your blog~~