Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Joker of The Heart

The outfits today...

  photo DSCN5281_zps2e5b925b.jpg 
  photo DSCN5282_zps2ce7cf79.jpg

Sitting on the cafe while drinking a cup of coffee and admiring the crowd around.

 photo cats-2_zps40231b30.jpg

 photo DSCN5287_zpscb64fa9a.jpg 
  photo DSCN5286_zps0a1ecb27.jpg 

The funny fact!  photo DSCN4536_zpsb75b031d.jpg

found this LOL
 photo DSCN5290_zps7f6ec7f0.jpg 

And finally, We've taken our shoes photos XD  photo DSCN5294_zpsf5d8a0d5.jpg  photo DSCN5291_zpsd69f2372.jpg 

Our dinner, fast food...  photo cats-1_zps507baeef.jpg 

Find him on the crowd  photo DSCN5299_zps4d76f803.jpg 
  photo DSCN5300_zpsbeffd96a.jpg  photo DSCN5301_zps81a1c4bf.jpg 

Guess who is him?! LOL

Dear you,
Thanks for the good times :3
Comments and Follow are love. Thank you for reading ^^

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