Wednesday, July 10, 2013


If you once failed, you gotta try it again, 
you gotta try it again again and again, 
get up and get up again, 
try and try again 
But sometimes, you're going to feel like it won't work out 
Or the thought of you may face the words "failed" again scares you 
and sometimes you're tired with the things that you don't even want to when you know exactly what you want 

Dreams and reality 
 I'm envy of those people who never afraid to catch their dreams even people around them are underestimated their dreams. 
No, I still haven't given up yet 
I know my dreams, and I'm going to catch it, even if I should jump over this one thing that I don't want to 
it's too soon to give up
 though I'm tired already 

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