Friday, August 30, 2013

The Divelopment of IT in Indonesia

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Information Technology is a technology used to process the data, to process, obtain, compile, store, manipulate data in different ways to produce quality information. information that is intended is accurate, relevant, and timely, which can be used for personal, business, and government. This information should also be of strategic value that can be used in decision making.
The development of information technology in Indonesia is strongly influenced by the ability of the human resources in understanding the components of information technology (hardware, software, computer networks and telecommunications systems). To build IT facilities, Indonesia still relies heavily on investors.
Based on the results of research conducted Economics Intelligence Unit (EIU), sponsored BSA, Indonesia ranks 59 world, down one place from the previous study in 2008. Penlitian results is done by comparing the development of IT in 66 countries. The research was done to see the extent of IT competitiveness index in these countries (
Later, the role of IT in transportation services even been able to feel. For example, a special card issued by some private banks that we can use to pay tolls, buying gasoline, busway ticket purchase and train.
In the world of education, especially at the college level, the use of IT is realized in a system called electronic university (e-University). This development was carried out in support of education, so as to provide better information for the community, both within and outside the university through the internet. Example snippet other educational services that can be implemented by means of the Internet by providing online lectures and course material can be accessed by anyone in need.
However, not only the positive things that we can feel. IT developments can also have a negative impact. Many porn sites are more intense circulation. Another example is the “fever” friendship sites are often misused. Until the sale and purchase her through cyberspace. It certainly can affect the development of children and youth in our country.

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