Monday, April 23, 2012


There's another thought in my mind, that just come out because of the accident this morning.
Well, did you ever heard about 'Zahir'? I think you must know about it.

Did you ever feel that you had done something wrong and you really wanted to turn back the time and fix everything that you had done wrongly?
Well, I did. Just this morning.
My biology teacher said something about finding our soulmate.
"You will find your soulmate in a place that is around you. Your mate will define you. If you are a good person, you'll find a good one for your mate. If you're not a good person, you'll find the bad one.  It depends on yourself."
Do you know what the thing that I think about??
I think about him again. The one from my past.
I realized, he was a good person, so that I couldn't be with him and separated. That's why I can't get him as my soulmate even I love him so much, more than myself. It's because I'm not mannered as him.
Then, I started to think about something again that concluded my teacher's quote. If I want him to comeback to me again, I should be a good person. By with it, we'll live in harmony. He's a good man, and to be beside him, holding his hand and be a part of his happiness' by having him as mine, I should be a good person with well manner too.

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