Monday, April 29, 2013

Cafe-ing again

this is the clothes that I wore yesterday

 photo DSCN5655_zpsfb69b73a.jpg 
 photo DSCN5657_zpsce1d7e57.jpg 

 photo DSCN5653_zpsf2c9d519.jpg

Cafe-ing again and again 

 photo cats-1_zpsa0421e69.jpg

A cup of hot coffee + sweet pancake with chocolate ice cream and strawberry sauce on it. yummy :9

 photo DSCN5660_zps9f7edba8.jpg 
This coffee was so bitter but I like it though

  photo DSCN5658_zps0fb7c9e8.jpg 
  photo DSCN5663_zps280ff508.jpg

I got a lot spongebob stuffs. Even I turn my pc to be a spongebob :D I love yellow

 photo DSCN5664_zps0c87fe6c.jpg

This girl was taking the selca on my camera :p 

 photo DSCN5668_zps63d07e01.jpg 

 Yesterday, I went to look for gogirlmagz may edition but yeah I got empty
 I'm missing R. Well, I guess I miss him too much. huh? 

Photograph by Moura Kanugraha

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