Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SHINee World Day Malang

SBSquad performed tat SHINee World Day Malang!!!! 
And it was fun!

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signature wall of SHINee World Day Malang, Shawols (SHINee fans) Malang signed theirs here

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The outfit that I wore last day

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I did use make up lately kkkk~

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My favorite clue shoes with leopard detail on it, it's comfortable to wear and it's platform

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The event was at SMAN 9 Malang

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Here~~ The SBSquad SHINNing-B *Drum rolls*
They played game with the Shawols there.

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The game was about teaching them SHINee dance,
Dream Girl~~

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Key of SHINing-B is teaching another Key(?) LOL

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Teaching Teaching~

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Why so serious pose!

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minuse Taemin of SHINing-B
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Hello Jonghyun of SHINing-B
He's my classmate, dancemate, townmate, playmate, my mate -,-

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We're cute bastie, aren't we?
My mate OTL

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SHINing-B with some shawols!

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 board event of SHINee World Day Malang

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SHINing-B minus Onew 

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From left to right
Onyu as Taemin, Woopil as Jonghyun, Rere as Key, Amik as Minho and Jojo as Onew

  photo 25_zps4b794f12.jpg 
Hello, Key :D 

 photo 23_zps35e58da3.jpg
  photo 26_zpsf44fab2d.jpg 

With Poppy unni

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The food after shinee world day malang and performance of  sbsquad shinning-b 
mie galau with cheese topping
you should try it when you visit my country and my city especially
It's extremely spicy 

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