Saturday, May 11, 2013

Indonesian Things

As Indonesian you have to love your own culture and batik is part of it. 
This photo was taken by Ratih Moura Kanugraha, my cousin and thanks for great photo that she took.

I love summer
The season I love the most

 photo DSCN5807_zps6364a2a4.jpg 
  photo DSCN5810_zps16b43db9.jpg 

I got this hat from Bali when I have trip with my parents about a year ago maybe :p
I love hats, obviously 
I wear hat a lot

  photo DSCN5798_zpse4bca0d0.jpg 
  photo DSCN5801_zps80dd3eae.jpg 
  photo DSCN5811_zps6d1a3128.jpg 
Staffs of the month 
New shoes!! 
Leopard Platform from Clue, shoes brand from my country
  photo DSCN5813_zps0dfbbdf9.jpg 

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