Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Late Post

Hello, I'm back~~
after passing the busy weeks and the tights schedule~
 I was busy with my dancing and thanks god~
the busy time that we've been through payed by our winning
All the dance team got trophies and also the singing cover team too YEY!
Gotta post the videos and the photos soon~

This the clothes that I wore when before the practice day
 2 days before the competition took a place so neat yet so chic hahaha 

 photo DSCN6182_zps7339ac44.jpg

  photo DSCN6183_zps7d3f9741.jpg

 photo DSCN6187_zps063a7e8a.jpg 

 oh ya I have to tell you that I've passed the SBMPTN too 
And here we go the clothes that I wore and 1st day~
 I love burberry 
and this burberry shirt I got from my dad 

 photo DSCN6196_zps736dc25e.jpg 

This is my favorite shoes
 even I have to struggle to walk on it but I still love it 
and P.S I'm not a maniac of branded things
 If it looks good for me then I wear it 

 photo DSCN6197_zps5bd94369.jpg 
The 2nd day ! 

 photo DSCN6199_zps10d4312f.jpg 
  photo DSCN6200_zps71fa6d22.jpg 
On the 2nd day I wasn't in the good condition so I wear a warm blazer that day and this blazer is a hongkong brand with the letters brand that I can't read  photo DSCN6204_zpsf3c24fe7.jpg 

  photo DSCN6205_zps90cbfe25.jpg 

Comments and Follow are love. Thank you for reading ^^

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