Sunday, June 2, 2013

Go Kepominitu

We had a great performance a few days ago, alhamdulillah~~ 
This is the clothes that I wore before the performance 

 photo DSCN5963_zpsd7aa29bd.jpg 

  photo DSCN5961_zpseadc2b40.jpg 

And here we go, kepominitu~ 
LOL no it wasn't our officially name but we covered what's your name? by 4minute 

 photo DSCN0321-Copy_zps72b070e0.jpg 
From Left to right : Poppy as Gayoon, Dini as Jihyun, Ella as Sohyun, Nadin as Hyuna and Me as Jiyoon.
Dini actually replace Tiffany who had accident 3 days before the performance ;--;
Get well soon, Tiff un~~ GBU
 Dini did a really great job and help to make us complete as 5 members
Thank you Dini *huggies*

There were also SHINing-B , Nu'est Cover and also sing cover of B2st 
All of them are SBSquad Team~~
(I don't have enough foto because we were so busy with the make over and costume)
Will post the video soon~~

 And here 
 He's just too tall~~ -,-
Luckily I can reach his heart
 photo DSCN0322-Copy_zps65496b01.jpg 

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  1. Wow, nice look! (: I love this pics!