Thursday, July 5, 2012

"I would set fire to all the changed wounds that you and he made"

You know what? Once you feel pain, you'll feel like everyone can break your heart.  I have one fear every day. And this is it. Someone asked me that did I ever believe in him or not. I can't answer that. I once told someone that if you can not overcome the fear in your life, you won't move on from your past. And this is true. This is not about someone who is in your past that was too good to replace him, but it's about all the fears that I have. I'm afraid of getting hurt again. Well, don't think that someone in my past is not a good person or something. He is a good person., very well-mannered. He's not a handsome one, or cute one. He can't play piano or guitar. He's not in football team or basket ball. But, his dancing is amazing. Maybe, it's true that I haven't been able to find a guy who would stand up and give his seat on a bus to a woman who was holding her child. At times like this, you will be hard to find people who like him. But, I think, you don't need a good person to make you happy. You just need a person you love and he loves you perfectly. Sometimes, maybe we can have two people in our hearts. The one you provide a place in your heart for him, coming or going. And you let him stay by your side. Because, you need him that much. And the other one, you provide a special place for him in your heart, always. However, you can just save it. It is nothing more than that. People come and go, I know. :) 

"why do you never get angry if I always think about him, again?"
"Because, you know, I always let the people I love, love someone else. If that's the way they choose to go, I can not change anything. "

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