Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 "We have to stay strong. I know, life sucks. But you have to keep stronger every second you breath this kind of air. Defeat and failure might seem like hell.  It sucks so much, and it's tiring and exhausting, it's like going through hell. I bet you know how it's like... But, the real hell is to let yourself live in pain and disappointment too long for those who bury their regret too soon. You may regret and disappointed. But you have to get up. Fix it again and be a lot better. Be the best one. You're the strongest girl I ever met. Don't let anyone and anything make you powerless. Sometime, you blame yourself because of it. Or sometime, you might lose your confidence. Remember this last world that I'm going to say to you if you're in this kind of condition, you're prettiest and sexiest person when you dance. I love it and I adore it." 


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