Wednesday, April 21, 2010

whether this is feelings of bestfriend? or is this feeling of falling in love?

- when he took your hand, such as  you don't want to let him go.
- when you see him along with a girl, and they laugh together, you'll feel hate that girl.
- you'll miss him, when he wasn't there at your side.
- you will continue thinking about him and laughed as remember his face.
- you feel comfortable and quiet nearby.
- you really love him. and you're not prepared to let him hurt.
- you will struggle to not hurt him. until you give up your happiness...
- you'll be wearing his things when you fall off...
- you will smile when you saw him smiling at you.
- when he will go from you,you'll feel like you can't live without him.
- you'll do anything to make him stay here. with you.

and you begin to realize ... you love him ..... you love him more than a bestfriend ... you love him more than a love of a sister to her brother.

and by the time you would see him go, you'll just shut up. and crying at the back of his shoulder. "am I really love you?" whether this is a trial from a friendship? or is it a gift for a friendship?

I don't know the answer. whether you will stay like this? you don't know how you feel? or do you pretend not to understand this?

you will maintain the friendship? or are you going to be selfish and take steps to close the disaster called "love"?

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